Editorial Services

I offer a variety of editing services. If you are not sure which service fits your needs, please feel free to drop me a line, and we could discuss this.

Manuscript assessment: If you are uncertain about your manuscript’s potential and would like a professional editor’s feedback, a manuscript assessment is useful to show aspects of your project that is working and those requiring improvement before you move to the editing stage. Some elements that will be analyzed include characterization, plot, pacing, dialogue, organization, and other matters. The assessment does not include editing of the manuscript. I will provide you with an editorial report outlining those areas of strengths and weaknesses and your story’s viability to resonate with readers.

Developmental editing: A thorough big-picture analysis of your manuscript outlining its strengths and weaknesses and offering in-line suggestions of how to improve in areas of plot and character development, pacing, dialogue, and overall story structure.

Proofreading: Reviewing your work and correcting errors and omissions in grammar, spelling, punctuation, format and design style.